Berlin Speaking Course:
speaking with confidence
Speaking with confidence
Speaking with confidence is a key element when you want to convince your audience, establish yourself as an expert, or position yourself for the next step in your career.

Join our group seminar on March 25 in Berlin to develop a strong public speaking mindset that turns your presentations into opportunities.
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Boost Your Public Speaking Confidence
The ability to speak with confidence is widely sought after and a key skill in many professional environments. In a fast-moving business world, every opportunity to leave a lasting impact counts. Why waste those moments with inner restlessness, shaking hands, and a trembling voice, when instead you could display confidence in your words?
But what keeps people from standing confidently on stage and captivating their audience with well-versed arguments? Typically, it’s one of three things: 
1. Limiting beliefs about oneself and the audience
2. Unfavourable mental strategies before and during the presentation
3. Lack of awareness regarding the effect of one’s own behaviour and body language
An example for each: When you’re afraid that you’re not competent enough for your talk, when you already start anticipating scenarios in which you’re unable to answer the most basic critical questions, and when you begin staring down at your feet rather than look towards your audience - then your chances at giving a convincing presentation fall steadily.
How wonderful and fulfilling would it be to face your audience with joy, enthusiasm, and genuine curiosity?
Join us on March 25th 2024 in Berlin and find out!
In this full-day workshop, you will playfully explore the pillars of public speaking confidence through interactive exercises in a supportive group of peers. Topics include:
  1. Build confidence by fostering a strong public speaking mindset
  2. Learn methods to calm nerves before a presentation
  3. Utilise breathing for a stronger presence
  4. Understand how the audience perceives confidence
  5. Identify personal tools to boost your confidence before getting on stage
  6. Explore the important elements of a confident body language
  7. Practice & feedback
After the workshop, you will notice two things quite quickly: For one, the only thing holding you back from achieving your authentic and compelling speaker persona is a little practice.
But what’s even more important: You can start putting more and more attention on the contents of your speaking, allowing you to focus on the ideas and knowledge that most benefit you and your audience.
Date: Monday, March 25th 2025
Time: 09.00 - 17.00 hrs
Venue: tuesday coworking, Feurigstraße 51, 10827 Berlin
Group size: 6-8 participants
Cost: 479€ (+ 19% VAT = 570.01€)

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Your Trainers
Pascal Heymann
Until the age of 21, I avoided speaking in front of audiences at any cost. Just the thought of being observed by a group of strangers sent the adrenaline pumping through my veins, robbing me of the ability to talk. I was the embodiment of a shy nerd.

Today, I'm an internationally distinguished speaker, event moderator and speaking trainer.

I know: If I can make this transformation, so can you!
The day I understood the importance of self-confidence in shaping our own success is the day that changed my life forever. What I've learned about gaining self-confidence since then is so profound, that I decided to support other people to also live the life they want to live with the joy that everyone deserves.

I now accompany individuals on the journey to discover their own self-worth and help them lead the lives they wish for.
Dr. Stefan Götz
Trusted by leading brands
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Our Testimonials
Luming Liu
Senior Business Analyst at Delivery Hero
Pascal is a great inspiration himself for shy nerds who aspire to speak up confidently and to influence the audience effectively. I had the pleasure working with Pascal to improve my public speaking skills, it has been my best coaching experience so far.
Ina Völkel
Senior Manager at Delivery Hero
The session with Pascal was honestly mind-blowing. He asked the exactly right questions, leaving me with so much food for thought, helped me to unblock some anxieties and taught me methods to overcome initial triggers.... he was able to change my whole attitude and I am still trying to figure out how he did his magic.

I feel transformed and highly recommend Pascal for 1:1 coaching, with a focus on public speaking! Thank you Pascal for this experience - I will be forever grateful
Drawing on various techniques, tricks, and time-tested methods from coaching and public speaking, we guide you on your journey to speak with confidence within a safe, structured environment.