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Pitch Training
You’ve got a revolutionary idea that you want to sell to investors, customers or bosses? Then it’s time to convince them with a kick-ass pitch!
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Why pitch training?
We’ve all been there. You’re sitting on a gold-plated concept that can disrupt your industry, so you call a meeting to pitch it to potential stakeholders. You’re brimming with enthusiasm and your idea is truly great… yet the pitch fails. Why? You didn’t find the right words to win over your audience. And this is essential if you’re going to deliver a kick-ass pitch!
Pitch training is a key tool in the kit of any good entrepreneur, startup founder, accelerator head, sales person or business event organiser. Fortunately, being able to set out your idea, spin a tight story, highlight the benefits, and play on an audience’s emotions isn’t something you either have or you don’t. It’s a skill you and your team can learn, just like anything else in public speaking.
This is where Berlin Speaking comes in. From elevator pitch to project pitch to startup pitch, our Berlin Speaking pitch training will prepare you and your team for any pitch situation. Whether your focus is on customers, investors or a different audience entirely, we’ll guide you through the fundamentals, the advanced practices, and the nice-to-haves when it comes to wowing decision makers.
With a strong passion for technology & academic background in science, we empower scientists, researchers and tech experts to present data effectively and craft informative presentations for any audience. We offer you the communication skills you need through hands-on sessions designed to provide you with an engaging and informative communication concept for your area of expertise. Whether you have a research proposal presentation coming up or you’re a tech guru looking to pitch a new digital service to investors, Berlin Speaking will teach you how to craft scientific presentations and make you a master communicator of complex concepts.
Pitch training is the answer if you’d like to pitch...
  1. Products to potential customers
  2. Project proposals to senior management
  3. Innovative technologies to industry experts
  4. Research projects to funding bodies
  5. Community projects to sponsors
  6. Your startup to angel & VC investors
  7. Yourself to future employees
  8. Your freelance services to customers
  9. … Or even a weekend trip away to your loved ones (!)
Berlin Speaking pitch training enables you to:
  1. Gain a fresh perspective on what it means to pitch an idea
  2. Explore the elements of successful pitches and apply them to your situation
  3. Find the right words to describe your new technology or suite
  4. Make your pitch stand out from the competition
  5. Adjust the complexity of your knowledge to the audience’s level
  6. Tailor your pitch to the needs of your audience
  7. Avoid common mistakes when pitching your vision
  8. Convince your audience to take direct action
  9. Build a framework within which to pitch anything on the spot
  10. Create a compelling pitch that’s specific to your case
  11. Practice by pitching fun products
When you’re done with Berlin Speaking pitch training, you’ll know exactly what to say, when to say it and how. Next time you head into that meeting room to pitch your idea, stakeholders will be queuing up to support your vision!
Training Formats
Berlin Speaking pitch training is available for groups and teams in a seminar format, as well as for individuals in one-on-one public speaking training sessions. Group seminars are especially valuable for corporate sales teams, researchers at academic institutes, and founders in accelerator and incubation programs. We tailor the exact content of the pitch training your group’s goals and the pitch context, so you get exactly what your team needs.
Previous Projects
Startup Bootcamp Digital Health
During the 3 month accelerator programs for digital health startups, I closely accompanied the founders to prepare them for investment pitches to investors and industry experts.
To gain funding for innovative projects, internal teams at Philips learned how to convincinlgy pitch their concepts to the company's decision makers.
Falling Walls Engage
Each year, 20 of the world's top science communicators pitch their projects to an international audience at the Falling Walls Conference. Since 2018, I prepare the scientists to pitch their engagement projects and bring science to life on the stage. Check out the pitches here.
Pitch training is a key tool in the kit of any good entrepreneur, startup founder, accelerator head, sales person or business event organiser.