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Next seminar March 25:
Speaking with Confidence

Join our group seminar in Berlin to develop a strong public speaking mindset, get rid of nervousness and become a confident speaker!

CONFIDENT speaking Training
Speaking with confidence
Nervousness isn’t just painful for the speaker, it’s also lethal for the presentation! If you want to gain your audience’s trust, projecting confidence will be the key to your success.
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Why speak with confidence?
Do you feel a sense of nervousness rushing through your body when you’re about to speak to an audience? We get it. Nerves about public speaking are perfectly normal — an expression of excitement and of our sense of the importance of the occasion — but they can overwhelm us, embarrass us, or just be uncomfortable in a speaking situation – whether that’s during a presentation or just a meeting. So how can you keep your nerves in check while tapping into the positive energy that comes with them?
By building sincere public speaking confidence.
Confidence can make or break your presentation. It’s what gives your audience a sense of security and trust in your ideas. It keeps you resilient in moments of uncertainty and lets you deal expertly with any audience interjections. And it adds power to your words because, when you’re confident, your audience feels confident in what you have to say.
Our Berlin Speaking seminars and training are inspired by our various paths to public speaking confidence and the lessons we learned along the way. Sourcing from a wide range of coaching methods and hands-on training exercises, we help you tackle your nervousness from all angles – alway tailored to your specific situation.
In this way, we teach you to thrive in situations that call for you to master your nerves and portray confidence during presentations. Whether you want to boost your pitch game, get your body language just right, or manage social situations with ease, our Speaking with Confidence training will teach you to accomplish your speaking goals in a way that’s authentic to you and your unique talents.
Is public speaking confidence training right for you?
Training to speak with confidence, you’ll learn to turn uncomfortable nervousness into vitalising excitement, so that you feel more relaxed and confident:
  1. when presenting products and services
  2. when speaking on stage at conferences and congresses
  3. in social situations
  4. when speaking to your team members and colleagues
  5. when pitching to investors
  6. in academic settings
  7. when interjecting your ideas in a meeting
What you’ll learn & develop
Our Berlin Speaking confidence training & coaching will teach you to:
  1. Trace the source of your nervousness and overcome it
  2. Build confidence by fostering a strong public speaking mindset
  3. Learn methods to calm nerves
  4. Discover your inner sources of confidence
  5. Understand how your tone and manner affect how others perceive your confidence
  6. Gain confident control over your voice and body
  7. Project your voice for maximum impact
  8. Learn breathing and movement exercises to use before your presentation
  9. Believe in your words
Drawing on various techniques, tricks, and time-tested methods from coaching and public speaking, we guide you on your journey to speak with confidence within a safe, structured environment. We’ll also focus on how you move and communicate with your body, making the seminar and training a very hands-on experience.
Training Formats
Group training is ideal if you are looking to be pushed by — and learn from — your peers, colleagues and team members.For more information on the group seminar format, check out Group Seminars.
Individual training focuses directly on your own public-speaking mindset, explores the sources of your nervousness, and gives you strategies that are specific to you.For more information on the 1-on-1 format, check out Individual Training/Coaching.
Both formats can be tailored to your exact needs, so that by the end you’ll be brimming with confidence!
Drawing on various techniques, tricks, and time-tested methods from coaching and public speaking, we guide you on your journey to speak with confidence within a safe, structured environment.