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Presentation & Keynote Training
You’re scheduled to speak, but can’t figure out how to convey your message? Berlin Speaking training will turn you into a keynote-ready presenter and prepare you for the big stage!
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Why presentation skills training?
Few things are more nerve-wracking than being booked to deliver a presentation at a conference or major business event. After all, you’re the expert and it’s your ideas that are waiting to be shared with the world. This is your chance to prove yourself to your team, your company, or even your industry. It’s your time to rock the stage with a top-notch presentation!
Delivering a powerful presentation is a multifaceted skill. It isn’t just about putting on a confident voice. That’s the final step in a long journey. Your presentation takes shape at your desk, during your commute, and even in the shower. You want to inject your own personality into the content to bring it to life both for you and your audience — because the more you believe it, the more they will, too. With a well-crafted presentation that is authentically you, you won’t need to put on a confident voice. It’ll come naturally.
At Berlin Speaking, we know what makes presentations effective. We are passionate about empowering experts like yourself to share their messages. Whether you’re getting ready to speak at a global event, casting your net for potential investors or simply looking for a way to spice up the weekly team huddle, our Executive Presentation Skills training will prepare you to create a solid presentation from the ground up.
Executive presentation skills are the answer if you want to deliver a presentation:
  1. to a management team
  2. in a conference or event setting
  3. to investors or sponsors
  4. to VCs and angels
  5. to new and existing customers
  6. to a workforce
  7. in a job interview
With Berlin Speaking executive presentation skills training, you’ll learn to:
  1. Design a Game Plan from the initial ideas stage to delivering the presentation
  2. Set out what you want to achieve with your presentation
  3. Identify a story that embeds your contents and highlights your message
  4. Structure your presentation for maximum impact
  5. Learn effective presentation techniques
  6. Tailor your presentation to your audience and the event
  7. Employ rhetoric to persuade your audience
  8. Achieve all your presentation goals
Training Formats
In the group seminars, we empower your team with the Berlin Speaking Game Plan approach, our unique, step-by-step path to creating a smart, convincing and insightful presentation. If your team already has presentations in the works, they can bring them along to enhance in the seminar, or develop a new one from scratch, all with the help of personalised feedback to enable you and your team to present a strong, engaging presentation.
Previous Projects
In preparation for global press conferences, we crafted speeches and TED-style talks for a wide range of speakers, including researchers, directors and CEOs of partner companies.
Working closely with TEDx speakers in crafting their talks and honing their delivery, we enabled various experts to passionately communicate their ideas worth sharing.
Bernstein Netzwerk Computational Neuroscience
How can PhD students keep their motivation high and combat procrastination while writing their thesis? In my keynote for the 2020 Bernstein PhD Symposium, I showed PhD students how they can apply gamification methods to their work routines and finish their PhD with ease.
Now’s the time to take the next step in your career and deliver a presentation capable of amazing your audience and attracting attention for all the right reasons.