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Individual Training & Coaching
With a strong passion for technology & academic background in science, we empower scientists, researchers and tech experts to present data effectively and craft informative presentations for any audience.
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Why individual training & coaching?
Becoming a better public speaker is a personal journey that you may not want to take in a group setting. We get that. That’s why we offer individual training & coaching sessions that revolve around one thing only: you.
Do you want to hone your presentation skills for better chances at ascending within your company? Are you preparing to give a keynote at an upcoming conference? Need to pitch your startup to investors? Or do you finally want to feel confident when speaking to large audiences? Then we’ve got you covered.
Working one-on-one, you can go deep on the key topics, hone your focus, ask questions, practice what you’ve learned in a motivating environment, and emerge with the voice of a thought leader. This training format covers everything required for achieving your personal goals. It puts you front and centre at all times. Just as it should be.
The advantages of individual public speaking training/coaching:
  1. Sole focus on your topics
  2. Work towards a specific upcoming public speaking engagement
  3. Personalised agendas and schedule based on your abilities & goals
  4. High flexibility in the course design
  5. No distractions from other participants
  6. Observe progress over time
  7. Safe space for emotional transformational processes
In this one-on-one format, you call the shots. We can delve into existing presentations or speeches you have given, work on new ones to whip them into shape, focus on theory, or tackle any other aspects of your public speaking communication. These intensive sessions equip you with the skills you need to succeed in business and cement your reputation as someone to listen to.
Each individual training/coaching session is typically between 60 to 90 minutes and can either be held in person or online. The total number of sessions will vary depending on your individual goals, experience and schedule.
You’re part of a team and would prefer a group seminar for you and your colleagues? For more information on the group seminar format, check out Group Seminars.