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Storytelling for presentations
Stories attract, stories enchant, stories move. If you want to captivate, control and convince your audience, do it with a story!
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Why use storytelling in presentations?
Storytelling is a public speaker’s most potent tool. Stories can do something that no graph, bullet point list or data set can: Engage us.
We all love to hear a good story told well. It’s one of the most ancient forms of communication we have at our disposal — and one of the most powerful. Spin a yarn the right way and you’ll have your audience eating out of your hand. A well-told story can convince us to give new products a try, support our peers in their vision, or advocate for change in the world.
Part business storytelling workshop, part interactive seminar, our Berlin Speaking storytelling training offers key insights into why it’s important to tell your own story and how you can effectively incorporate storytelling into your future presentations. Whether you’re a budding sales guru looking to win new clients or a manager who wants to beef up your presentations for your team, storytelling training by Berlin Speaking gives you all the skills you need to master the art of the narrative.
With our storytelling training, you’ll learn to tell compelling stories...
  1. as part of a corporate or academic presentation
  2. during remote meetings
  3. as part of a high-stakes sales pitch
  4. to attract investors, sponsors and partners
  5. as part of your leadership strategy
  6. in your day-to-day life
Berlin Speaking pitch training enables you to:
  1. Understand what makes for an inspiring story
  2. Build pitches and presentations based on an underlying story
  3. Explore and use various storytelling formats
  4. Apply the power of storytelling in communication and sales
  5. Develop stories that will capture the hearts and minds of your audience
  6. Establish rapport and trust
  7. Deliver engaging insight into a product or service
  8. Become a better storyteller on every level
When you’re done with Berlin Speaking pitch training, you’ll know exactly what to say, when to say it and how. Next time you head into that meeting room to pitch your idea, stakeholders will be queuing up to support your vision!
Training Formats
Previous Projects
Promega is an American biotech company with a portfolio covering genomics, protein analysis, and drug discovery. Together with the German sales team, we developed stories to effectively pitch the company's new technologies to potential customers.
International Council on Clean Transportation
When scientific knowledge determines the quality of life for individuals, people's stories are being shaped. I worked with researchers at ICCT to help them tell these stories and create long-lasting impact with their research data.
Entrepreneur Lab
As resident pitch trainer at CIEE's eLab, I helped entrepreneurs craft powerful stories for their brands and investor pitches.
There’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Even the best stories started from a blank page. Add a key skill to your business toolkit and tell a tale that will stand the test of time.