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Our Berlin Speaking speechwriting service provides you with a finished script for those occasions where every single word matters: Press conferences, shareholder meetings, political ceremonies, and more.
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Our Berlin Speaking speechwriting service provides you with a finished script for those occasions where every single word matters: Press conferences, shareholder meetings, political ceremonies, and more.
When it’s vital that your speech or presentation fulfills specific goal(s), a professionally written script is the safest approach. That’s why we support leaders, experts and communication departments in speechwriting for internal and external speaking engagements.
Berlin Speaking has a team of professional speechwriters who create speeches that are easily understood, remembered, and make your audience care about your message. And when your audience cares – magic happens! People take action.
Leaders and experts come to us when they have an important opportunity to share a message and the stakes are high. With over 10 years of experience, working with a wide range of clients from CEOs to NGOs, for extroverts and introverts, academics, scientists, non-native speakers, TED talk guests, we continue our creative work powered by satisfied clients:
“It [the keynote speech] was great!! I received a standing ovation!! Thanks a lot for everything!!”– President of an international health organization, 2016
By collaborating with you, we create a script that is engaging, informative, and most of all, captures you! When you are speaking in public, you want the speech to reflect your voice, your style, your ideas.
Here’s how we do it:
  1. Initial project brief – We gather all relevant information about the speech: Purpose, goals, target audience, length, speaker(s), style, tonality, format, medium, timeline
  2. Proposal
  3. Comprehensive briefing – Through conversations & interviews with the speaker and knowledge lead(s), we identify potential storylines and dig deep into the content matter
  4. Concept draft – First draft with an outline of the structure and storyline
  5. Approval by you
  6. Full script – We deliver a fully fledged and enhanced script
  7. Revisions – In direct contact with the speaker, we create revisions until the script fully matches the speaker’s speaking style and passes all legal checks within your company
  8. Completed script with delivery notes
Already have a speech draft and looking for a professional polish? We can enhance existing scripts to spice up your words, craft a crisper story and leave an even greater impact on your audience.
Benefits of collaborating with external speechwriters:
Our Berlin Speaking confidence training & coaching will teach you to:
  1. As outsiders, we are not ‘operationally blind.’ We approach each topic with a fresh and new perspective – just as your audience will.
  2. You can venture into new communication styles that are otherwise difficult to implement when the speeches are written by internal teams.
  3. We work with you at eye level, independent of company hierarchy or office politics.
You’re part of a team and would prefer a group seminar for you and your colleagues? For more information on the group seminar format, check out Group Seminars.
Case study of speechwriting project for pharma:
In 2020, one of Germany’s leading pharmaceutical companies planned a global press conference to share the newest developments in research and patient care. Berlin Speaking was entrusted to write the scripts for all speakers and develop a story arc for the event that unifies the various topics, from Cell & Gene Therapy to Digital Health. Working in close collaboration with the life science media agency CSGK Emotional Science, we managed to exceed the client’s expectations.
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When you stand up to speak, the words you say matter. Whether you lack time, skill, or simply hate writing speeches, Berlin Speaking happily takes on the challenge.
We love to create compelling talks.
Previous Projects
In preparation for global press conferences, we crafted speeches and TED-style talks for a wide range of speakers, including researchers, directors and CEOs of partner companies.