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The Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs
The Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs - Your guide to pitching a product in under 1 minute
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Your guide to pitching a product in under 1 minute
When telling people “what you do”, are you often met with blank, confused stares?
Do you find it difficult to convey the benefits of your product, service or company in a concise and engaging manner?
When introducing your company/service at business events, do people show less interest than it deserves?
Then you’re not alone!
Summarizing the essence of your work in an elevator pitch is a daunting task for many entrepreneurs. Yet, the ability to precisely communicate your value is essential in any business environment.
This concise, no-nonsense work-book will guide you through each step of crafting a short and effective pitch for any occasion. Discover the elements of an engaging elevator pitch and combine them into a compelling conversation starter!
· Understand the power of an elevator pitch
· Dive into each element of an effective elevator pitch
· Discover what motivates your customers
· Define your value proposition
· Complete exercises after each chapter
· Craft your personal elevator pitch
· Become confident in communicating your value
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