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Du und dein Team entwickeln ein selbstbewusstes Speaker-Mindset, gehen spielerisch gelassen mit Nervosität um und lernen, komplexes Wissen zum Leben zu erwecken.
Nervosität ist nicht nur schmerzhaft für Speaker, sondern auch tödlich für die Präsentation!

Wenn du das Vertrauen des Publikums gewinnen willst, ist selbstbewusstes Auftreten ein enorm wichtiger Faktor.

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Du musst bald präsentieren und weißt nicht, wo du anfangen sollst?

Das Berlin Speaking Training bereitet dich und deine Präsentation auf die großen Bühnen vor!

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Du musst bald präsentieren und weißt nicht, wo du anfangen sollst?

Das Berlin Speaking Training bereitet dich und deine Präsentation auf die großen Bühnen vor!

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Du hast eine revolutionäre Idee, die du Investoren, Kunden oder Vorgesetzten verkaufen willst?

Dann ist es Zeit, sie mit einem schlagfertigen Pitch zu überzeugen!

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Geschichten haben die Macht, uns zum Lachen, zum Denken und auch zum Weinen zu bringen.

Ob du dein Publikum fesseln, inspirieren oder überzeugen willst, erzähle eine Geschichte!

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Unsere Testimonials
Ina Völkel
Senior Manager at Delivery Hero
The session with Pascal was honestly mind-blowing. He asked the exactly right questions, leaving me with so much food for thought, helped me to unblock some anxieties and taught me methods to overcome initial triggers.... he was able to change my whole attitude and I am still trying to figure out how he did his magic.

I feel transformed and highly recommend Pascal for 1:1 coaching, with a focus on public speaking! Thank you Pascal for this experience - I will be forever grateful
Leonardo Palma Batista
Tech Evangelist at nyris
Pascal is a great coach for whenever you need to give an outstanding presentation. He will help you break down your pitch, analyze it from different perspectives, and suggest improvements and changes. Not only will he support you through the construction of compelling storytelling, but he will also help you give your presentation that wow effect. Very nice working with you, Pascal. Many thanks for everything.
Luming Liu
Senior Business Analyst at Delivery Hero
Pascal is a great inspiration himself for shy nerds who aspire to speak up confidently and to influence the audience effectively. I had the pleasure working with Pascal to improve my public speaking skills, it has been my best coaching experience so far.
Gabriela Ivan
Permanent Delegation of Romania to UNESCO
I highly recommend Pascal as a coach! His experience and public speaking skills helped in my public speeches, including one I did recently at the UN.
Dr. Jasmin Touati
President of Berliner Spreeredner
Pascal developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop about debate techniques for the Berlin Spreeredner Toastmasters Club and our guests. What stands out about Pascal is that he is flexible and adapts his expertise to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs.

His experiential approach reinforces learning and provided us with much to think about, skills to apply when back in our own workplace and strategies to ‘Argue Like a Pro’. Feedback was excellent from all participants. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Thank you Pascal!
Dmitrios L. Wagner
MD/PhD at Charité and Berlin Institute of Health
Pascal is the best speaking coach I know. We have worked together on two different projects: a 90 seconds video coach and a TEDx talk.

He is smart, creative and patient. Prepping a project, he is attentive, soaks up new information and provides precious support at any stage of a project (early conception, final speaking training). Pascal always goes the extra mile to get the best out of you. In summary? I highly recommend him!
Bastian Behrmann
Startup Coach
If you have a complex topic to explain or need to overcome your fear for public presentations, Pascal is definitely the trainer you want to have on your side. We worked together with a lot of young entrepreneurs and helped to bring their pitches to the next level.

What I really like is his enthusiasm and his eagerness to make his clients to succeed. I can highly recommend his workshops.
Alexej Gornizki
Consultant | Coach | Entrepreneur
A brilliant speaker and storyteller in his own right, Pascal is as good a coach as they come. It takes a rare talent to deliver a message effectively to large audiences and individual clients alike.

His presence inspires authentic confidence, his voice generates serenity. He helped me pitch ideas to investors and share my cause with an audience at TEDx. I'm looking forward to working with him again and I recommend you do the same.
Matthias Bannas
Leiter Verbandskommunikation beim BDWi
Pascal hat mit viel Charme und Übersicht den Berliner Pub Talk zum Thema Nudging moderiert. Es ist ihm gelungen, die Expertinnen Dr. Jana Diels und Linda Teuteberg mit dem Publikum ins Gespräch zu bringen. … und was ist jetzt Nudging und wo sind die Fallstricke? Das ist deutlich geworden. Hier könnt Ihr es nachlesen.
Dr. Kristian Rother
Vice President Education at Berliner Spreeredner
Pascal prepared and delivered a 2-hour workshop on “Argue Like a Pro” as a guest speaker in our organization, the Spreeredner Toastmasters.

His performance convinced me more than fully, because: Pascal got to the facts right away and presented them in a stimulating yet unobtrusive manner, he used a self-produced video clip during the workshop that was a blast and everybody got to participate in the second half.

We had other workshops involving debating before, but Pascal raised the bar conceivably and our speakers grew to the challenge. Obviously, Pascals meticulous preparation paid off.
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Alex
President of START Berlin
I’ve had great pleasure organizing and participating pitch workshops with Pascal. His workshops are motivating, inspiring and fun. He helped the students a lot to develop a great story for their pitches and present them in a convincing, confident way. Thank you for your great work!
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